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What bed should I buy for my airbnb?

The quality of sleep is undoubtedly one of the most important issues that concern us during our holidays. What could be better than returning to our room after a full day of walking and activities, and lying down in a big and comfortable bed? In this article we will see what we should think about before proceeding to the purchase of a bed for our tourist accommodation.

The size

King size; Queen size; King XL;

Each continent and country has different names for the dimensions of mattresses and beds. To avoid confusion, let's talk in numbers in centimeters. A double bed mattress should start from 150x200, with the most common size being 160x200. Of course, if we have the space to put a 180x200 mattress on our bed, this is certainly a good investment as it is sure that the size will impress our guests pleasantly.

The first thing is space

And while we all would like to buy a big and comfortable bed, what we should first check is the space in which it will go. We need space for storage (or a place for personal items) and pathways around it.

The pathways

Ideally, every double bed should have at least two pathways of width (50-60cm) in order for our guests to move safely. A very narrow pathway along the length of the bed can be inconvenient, as all travelers need a space to sit up just after waking up, to stretch, to put their shoes on and certainly do not want to bump into the wall or some corner.

Sometimes, if we don't have much space available, we resort to the solution of "pushing" the bed against the wall, to gain some space. Although this may work with a single bed, in a double bed it is likely to cause discomfort. Imagine the person sleeping on the wall side having to disturb their partner when they want to get out of bed.

Everyone wants their bedside tables

Consider that every guest needs somewhere to put their personal items, like their phone, tablet or laptop, their medication, a book or a water bottle. This space is essential, and if it's too small it can cause uncomfortable issues. Nobody wants to wake up during the night to drink some water, or in the morning, to leave the bed to check their phone for a moment. Also, a very small storage space carries the risk of a glass or a bottle falling and breaking, causing broken glass everywhere (not a good way to start the day of our guest), or breaking a light (a damage that we'll have to pay for) or damaging a personal item of the traveler (a broken phone will bring disruption to their peace and we don't want that). Ideally, we need two storage spaces, one on each side of the bed, with dimensions of at least 35x35cm.

If there is no possibility of having 2 storage spaces, either because the space is narrow or because there is a wardrobe door that would hit the storage when opening, then we should resort to a storage solution on the headboard. An example to understand what we mean is the BRIMNES of IKEA. Such a solution should be considered as a last resort, because it does not offer the same comfort and safety, but it is preferable to having no storage space at all.

👉 Advice: If you are now building or renovating your airbnb, a good idea is to install built-in reading lights, next or over the bed, so you can save space from your storage space and minimize the possibility of them falling.

Out of what material? Some prefer wooden beds, some like metal beds. This is certainly something that has to do with the personal taste of the owner but also with the general decoration of the accommodation. In a Cycladic island, a great idea is a bed built with the structural materials of the building, so as to fully blend in with the rest of the space.

Those of us who prefer wooden beds should pay attention to the quality of them. There are many economic offers in the market that may seem beautiful constructions but in reality are not at all sturdy. Before buying a bed, it is good to talk to the seller, inform him about the intended use and read corresponding reviews. Remember that not all woods are the same. From MDF to plywood, hardwood, particleboard, etc. the materials differ and so does their durability. Also, see how the woods are assembled. A good construction will give you more years.

Some people will choose metal beds, because they are usually more economical and lighter in construction. They can give a different style from wood and have a long lifespan. However, we should also pay attention here to the way the bed has been assembled, because there is a possibility that it may start squeaking with time.

Unpredictable storage

A very good idea is to choose a bed with storage. Especially in cases where the wardrobes are not huge, it is a very good solution to place some items under the bed. For example, an extra quilt, a second set of sheets, or iron, could free up valuable space from the wardrobe and be placed in the "dead space" under the bed.

If you can, it is preferable to choose storage space with drawers and not with a mechanism that rises with the mattress, so that all our guests have easier access.

The bed legs conceal traps

Another reason why a bed with storage space is preferable, is that it doesn't leave -visible- space for dust from below. If despite all this, you do not need storage space and you buy a bed with feet, see what height these supports will have. See if the electric broom and the vacuum cleaner fit. If not, the height is around 10 centimeters, it is almost certain that you will have difficulties cleaning or dust from your cleaner because you will have to move it constantly to sweep from below. And so you circumvent the risk of this work being completely neglected as time-consuming and demanding, and so our guest to face mattresses dust under where he sleeps. Something we don't want. So, remember that if you don't buy a bed with storage space, at least take one with high legs, so that it is easy to enter with the cleaning tools.

Epilogue In general, it is good to invest in a sturdy and reliable bed. A bed that squeaks during the night or wobbles or breaks some legs is certainly going to bring discomfort to our guests. Also, remember that a sturdy frame gives us more options for buying a solid mattress in the future.

If you would like more advice on buying, decorating, and equipping your Airbnb property, come to Hometrust to share our knowledge and experience with you. Simply fill out the form for a free evaluation of your Airbnb property, whether it is located in Chania or not. Don't hesitate to contact us today.

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