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We answer your most frequently asked questions

How do I get paid?

At hometrust we usually work with a percentage on bookings which is always determined after evaluating the property and the number of services you wish to offer. Nevertheless, we are open to any discussion about how we can work together.


Can I still use my property?

Of course! Your property is still yours to manage however you wish according to the calendar we share. Any dates you can block for any reason you want.

What happens in case of damages?

In rare cases where a guest causes some damages, we first communicate with the customer for the payment of compensation on their part, and then with the platform so that we can join their insurance program. If we are not compensated by either the guest or the platform, then the cost is necessarily imposed on the owner. In any case, we immediately inform you about the nature of the problem and in consultation with you, we can put you in contact with collaborating technical partners.

Can I have a say in the pricing of the property?

At Hometrust, we always choose the most favorable pricing policy that will benefit both us and the owner. We know that setting prices too low can increase occupancy but does not benefit the owner who is burdened by the bills and wear and tear of the property. This will cause obstacles to our long-term relationship and something we will not do.

For this reason, we can agree on a pricing range together within which we can adjust according to the time of the season (high/low season), occupancy, competition and the rating of the property.

Do you provide cleaning and linen?

The services we will collaborate on are always a product of discussion and agreement between us. Some owners prefer to handle cleaning themselves, while most choose not to deal with it. In some cases, a person is suggested (e.g. a friendly person, a neighbor) who wishes to take on the cleaning. We are flexible to collaborate in any way you wish regarding the demanding part of cleaning. The same applies to linen service, pool cleaning, garden maintenance, etc.


What does my property need to have for you to take it over?

With the start of each new partnership, we send you a list of all the equipment and items that we recommend a property should have to meet the needs of all the visitors. Along with the essentials, such as a coffee maker, we can recommend specific smart solutions, such as an electronic key, which guests will love, give us a good review, and at the same time contribute to the economy and flexibility of management


Does the partnership end whenever I want?


Our cooperation is based on a contract that we have agreed and signed together. If for any reason before its expiration, you wish to leave, it is your obligation to compensate us proportionately for all bookings that have been made up to that moment.

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